Friday, August 15, 2008

Back from the coast!

Well I'm back from my little trip to Nova Scotia, obviously since there's been updates on the blog, and as great as it was I'm eager to get back to work.

Sometime before September the website will get a revamp and a little polishing on the blog.

If you're in Calgary in September be sure to check out the "Old School" show at the Uppercase! It opens August 23rd. If you aren't in Calgary the gallery owner and show curator, Janine Vangool designed a delightful book which includes the work from the show. You can pick up here: [link] She put together what I'm sure will be a lovely show, so check it out!

Also I weaseled my way into the September addition of Applied Arts (a Canadian magazine: [link]) and Calgary's Avenue Magazine. There are some more great artists showcased in both magazines including some of my fellow graduates so check them out as well.


EL GRANDE said...

Your work is AMAZING !!!

Joe y Elio

chris said...

Why are trips to Nova Scotia always "little"? Hmmmmm?

laura! said...