Monday, January 11, 2010

Happy New Year

I haven't actually finished an illustration in while, I wanted to just do something fun for me. This is inspired by a photo I saw of a man in a hot spring during the winter and also by a show that did a segment on snow monkeys. They have an interesting social structure, look it up if you're interested!

Also a piece just to celebrate the new year! (He doesn't mean to be sour, he just hates his hat.)


paperfetish said...

Love the monkeys! I love how incredulous they all are and how red their faces are too. Great piece.

As for the man in the stripey hat, I'm not sure why he hates his hat so much. It has stripes!

Kim Smith said...

I think he's just bitter because he prefers to be plain... although his jacket is kind of flowery. Maybe someone spit in his champagne?