Monday, April 19, 2010

Belly of a Whale

Something I was working on for a show in Calgary. I ended up doing cut paper layers of prints, like paper tole.

The show is Sans Comic Sans at the Untitled Art Society, running Apr 22-24th.

In other news don't forget to check out the Calgary Comic Expo. Not only is the Anthology Project going to have a fantastic booth there but also be sure check out the talented Mike Perry and Nick Bellemore at their booth, I believe it's called RocketPunch. They will be selling some awesome zombie figurines, small army of Vegetimals I created last week (I'll post photos later this evening), and some other fantastic one of a kind items.

Depending on what a certain volcano is up to this weekend I may or may not be at the Comic Expo. Otherwise it's off to Paris!


Alfredo said...

Kim your awesomeness knows no limits , i loved captain pugs and this one is just insane


Nadia said...

awesome blog! Like your silly concepts and funny stories a lot! ^^