Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Happy New Year!

Hey everyone! Happy New Year! Hope you guys all had a great holiday. This Saturday &Ampersand 4 opens and is running all month long at the Untitled Art Society Satellite Gallery In Calgary! Come check out the work. I worked with a good friend of mine, Victoria Mitchell on a piece for the show. But it you can't make it out this month to the Calgary show here's the work:

Oh yeah! And here are some new backgrounds I've been working on:


Gillibean said...

Wow Kim! Your blog is looking badass right now! Like always! Im loving all the backgrounds youve done for the gnome village. Is that for work or a personal project?

Congrats for the exhibit, hope it all goes well!

Kim Smith said...

Thanks Gillian! The gnome backgrounds are for this educational game I've been working on with a company based out of the states. It's to teach kids how to socialize. It's pretty fun to work on :)

TheSilence said...

Kim, I must say that you have such an extraordinary talent. You're drawings are amazing and detailed and tell so much of a story. I'm glad I stumbled upon your Blog just to see the amazing art you have produced. Thanks!