Saturday, July 19, 2008

Balloon Man

Every once in a blue moon I sculpt something just for fun. This was an idea for an illustration but instead I wanted to try and sculpt it. There are of course some issues with the figure but I kind of like him even if he is a bit lopsided!

So here's my attempt at sculpture! Here are some details:


paperfetish said...

If this is what you can do when only sculpt occasionally, I can only imagine what you could do if you sculpted all the time.

I see what you mean by lopsided, but I'm not sure it is that bad. It looks like he is leaning over to hand a child a balloon. I really like his proportions and the details in his face are great.

BEN said...

This sculture is fantastic!I love the balloons and the tone!
what kind of materials do you use?

Kim Smith said...

Sculpy, tin foil, wire and paint. And wooden bases.

END said...

Very nice work! Love the style and feel of this. Looks like a three dimensional French cartoon style.

Dextra said...

People should read this.

chika said...

hey kim:)
i was chatting with jason last night and he brought up some sculpture that you've made, so here i am checking your blog and totally impressed! i knew you were good but didn't know you can sculpt like a maniac! (yea, maniac isn't a right word.) insanely talented. that's for sure! keep it up;) look forward to checking your new stuffs.


kimbot said...

wow great stuFF!