Monday, October 13, 2008


An illustration based on the theme nightmares. I guess my biggest reoccurring nightmare isn't a nightmare at all, it's sleep paralysis. While researching ideas for this project I had sleep paralysis four time in a row one night trying to get to sleep. I was almost to afraid to go back to sleep. If you have episodes like this more than once a night always remember to turn over on your side. It prevents it from happening!

Check out the show at the UPPERCASE Gallery in Art Central later this week.


RAWLS said...

Hey Kim! Creepily interesting pic my friend. Just to let you know, that I have had this too, and it is definitely nothing to worry about or be afraid of.
Secular doctors and the like will say it is a bad thing simply because they don't understand, or the "symptoms" seem dangerous or bad or they just don't believe what might "really" be happening.

Truth is, we are made up of two parts, physical and spiritual. The spirit isn't bound by the same restrictions as the physical, but it is quite attached to the body it's been given, and there for when we are entering this state where we are aware, while our body is falling asleep, it makes logical sense to our brains that something must be wrong. That the feelings we are having are strange, different, and therefor sometimes scary. For example, our physical body needs to breath, but I do not believe the spirit is bound by this mortal necessity. So, while we are falling asleep and entering this state of awareness, we feel like we can't breath, when in fact our physical body still is.
This is most commonly called astral projection and we'll always find extremists in both cases for and against this natural God given function. It is actually what happens while we are dreaming, most of the time though we just aren't aware. Just know that its not something to worry about, and it actually happens to everyone, some of us are just more spiritually aware than others.

Some will believe it, others won't. That's life I suppose. There are lots of websites and whatnot that talk about it in more detail, some of which sadly turn out to be the kind of people who are all about cheesy mystical wizardry and the like. I know that it is real, but its not about things like magic and nonsense. It is spiritual, and can be controlled with a conscious effort to focus the mind.
I could give you some links, but I'll let you get back to me if you want. Hope this helps.

EL GRANDE said...

I’m floored. What a cool image.

Joe y Elio