Tuesday, October 7, 2008

The Worm and the Caterpillar

Here are couple of projects that have been keeping me busy. A little bit of a segway from what I usually do, but it's great fun just to switch things up a little.

I apologize for the crappy photos!!!


E R I K A said...

clay can be soooo frustrating, but you made these so wonderfully! I looked at every photo in awe ^__^

RAWLS said...

Beautiful work my friend!!!

Lettie Lo said...

wow i love ur art!!!!!! colours and characters so charming and welcoming

paperfetish said...

HOLY CRAP! The ski! It is so awesome! His smile is great too. I love the skirt on the caterpillar. The textures and colors are really nice.

anna ra said...

what kind of material do you use for your sculptures?i have used plasticine and clay,but it was hard to work with them so i have switched over to the dolls made of my old socks and wire.